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How to drink 8 glasses of water a day

Have you ever thought that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a huge challenge but 8 glasses of wine can happen in 3 hours over dinner? Did you know The Institute of Medicine recommends drinking an average of 3.7 liter of water a day!!With the heat in Townsville hitting the high 30’s frequently at the moment it is more important than ever to stay well hydrated – not to mention how amazing it is for your skin (and other vital organs I’m sure). My excuse – I just forget! I get working in my office and next minute its 3pm, kindy pick up time! So easy solution right, take a big bottle of water in and sit it on your desk, WRONG! I don’t like the water mark it leaves on my desk so I put it on the floor next to my ball (I sit on an exercise ball when I am editing), then as you can imagine I don’t often feel the need to look at my feet while im working so yet again I forget.

So here are some quick tips to ensure you are drinking enough of the good stuff;

  • Put an alarm on your phone! Every  hour, go and have a glass of water – this isn’t forever, just until you form the habit.
  • Have a glass on your desk and fill it back up as soon as its empty, while you are filling it up have another glass.
  • If you struggle with the taste of water they have some great flavoured waters at the local shops. Stock up and become a water connoisseur!
  • Drink green tea, not only is it great for you but it counts as another cup of water.
  • If you are out and about (this one is a great tip when you are busily running around) buy a bottle of water from every store that you go into – and be sure to actually drink it, you don’t need a stock pile of water bottles in your car.
  • And lastly, get out of the air-conditioning as much as you can. As soon as you get outside into the heat you will naturally realise that you are dehydrated.

So get out there, stay hydrated & feel fabulous!


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