We are Michelle & Chloe and we make up the Wildheart Imagery Team! We are fun loving, a little bit silly and have a serious passion for what we do. Chloe & I have been working closely together for almost 2 years now and look forward to doing so for many years to come.


I am the owner/operator/photographer at Wildheart Imagery. My photography journey started 8 years ago when I was employed as a full time retoucher with my now mentor and friend Brooklyn Eller at Lil One Photography. After the birth of my son in 2013 I decided that I needed something mentally stimulating to remain sane and after a great deal of ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ in 2014 Wildheart Imagery was launched! With the name Wildheart coming from my desire to capture the beauty inside each and every person and show them that they are confident, beautiful and wild at heart.

I began working in the area I was most confident and trained in, portraits. But after my first year of business, A LOT of training and some soul searching I knew that women were what I wanted to photograph.

I started to hear my niece talking about the women in magazines being ‘SO PRETTY!’ and how she wanted to be like them and it broke my heart! I knew that the photos in those magazines were nothing more than a great stylist, professional hair and makeup and a wonderful photographer, but how could I make this beautiful 10 year old girl realize that ANYONE can be as beautiful as those women with the right team by their side. Well I will show her!

I decided to immerse myself further into the nitty gritty parts of posing women, making sure that no matter who walked through my door I could make them feel and look just as amazing as the next. By this stage I was already photographing weddings on a regular basis so this new found knowledge flowed across beautifully.

Over the past 6 months I have designed, painted & built a natural light studio in my Townsville home where I now photograph both boudoir and glamour sessions on a regular basis. I also teamed up with my amazing makeup artist Chloe Wheeler so that all of my clients can truly feel pampered at their session. Chloe and I have been working together almost since the time Wildheart was launched in 2014 and over this time we have become an amazing team, with our mindsets and style matching perfectly.

My greatest desire in starting Wildheart Imagery is to be there for women. I wanted to make my sessions more than just a photo, I wanted them to be an experience where my clients leave feeling confident, beautiful and empowered. To show women that they ARE beautiful, no matter who they are, or what has happened in their lives, as long as they can love themselves everything else will fall into place. I strive to ensure that the experience clients have at Wildheart is one that they will always remember and look back on.


I am Wildheart Imagery’s makeup artist. I started experimenting with makeup 4 and a half years ago while I was working at a hairdressing salon. I always wanted to do hairdressing, to be apart of making people feel great about themselves. However after 2 years of hairdressing I knew that it wasn’t my calling. During that time I had also dabbled in modeling and would have my makeup done professionally on a semi-regular basis. I loved the way it made me feel so I decided to complete a couple of makeup workshops to learn how to apply makeup on myself. I became very good at applying my own makeup and one day had a lovely girl ask me to do her makeup for her highschool formal. She was someone that didnt wear makeup so I knew this would be a big deal for her. When I had completed her makeup and she looked in the mirror she was so grateful and beaming with confidence. That was the moment I knew that I wanted to become a professional makeup artist and help women feel beautiful and confident.

In 2012 started my Diploma of Master Makeup Artistry with QC Makeup Academy where completed courses on special occasion makeup, mature makeup, bridal makeup and photography makeup. With my accreditation in hand and makeup requests starting to come in I launched my business Radiant Attraction. I later also completed courses on theatrical makeup, male makeup and basic fantasy and special effects makeup (cuts and bruises).

In 2014 Michelle and I began working together on a number of collaborations, I quickly knew that we would be working together on a regular basis, with our styles complementing each other perfectly.

I am now Wildheart Imagery’s head makeup artist, creating beautiful looks for all of our clients, and when I am not in the studio I am creating stunning looks for all of my amazing clients at Radiant Attraction for weddings, formals & special occasions!

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