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Paper isn't dead!!

Who is guilty of having a million photos of their computer that NEVER get printed?
I wont lie, even I am guilty! In November 2014 I had a fellow photographer in Townsville take some beautiful portraits of my family and I am embarrassed to admit it but it took me over 4 MONTHS to get a photo on my wall, let alone in an album (and don’t even get me started on our the big ones like our wedding, maternity and newborn photographs haha)
With a bustling family life and running my own business (aka choosing to work hundreds of hours a week for myself so I don’t have to work 40 hours for someone else hehe) we never, EVER sit down and scroll through photos on the computer, its all too much work to cram into the office and keep our toddler interested, so it had been years since we had really reminisced – and as someone with a TERRIBLE memory I really need to look at a photo to remember events haha which is a little bit sad.
I know that it is amazing that we can store hundreds of thousands of photos on a hard drive but be totally
honest with yourself now – when was the last time you spent time looking through them? And were you really looking at them and remembering the moment or just quickly clicking through? This is one of the BIG reasons
that all of Wildheart Imagery's wedding packages and glamour/boudoir packages include a selection of printed images – I want to be sure that my clients have their images ready for display!

Along with the obvious technical failures that are possible which could lead to us losing ALL of those precious memories, we found that having photo albums is a really great way to have some screen free family time, our son LOVES to look through photos.
So if this sounds like you; tomorrow, go to Kmart (we all LOVE Kmart) or Target and buy a few cheap slip in albums, then dedicate a full hour to choosing a couple of hundred images to print.
Don’t worry if they arnt perfect, they don’t have to be, they just have to be special to you! Print them out, write on the back the date they were taken and pop them in your album in chronological order.
It will take you a while but trust me its worth it!
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