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Essentials to stunning bridal makeup

In primary school I rocked the tight, slicked back pony tail and the big, dark, untamed eyebrows (not the trendy kind), and then when high school came around I would ring my eyes with the thick, black kohl eyeliner. A little later was the powdered lip phase; I would conceal and powder my lips so that they matched the rest of my face and had no colour or definition. Looking back at myself I can’t help but wonder, “What was I thinking?”

When preparing for a big event like your wedding, you want to imagine yourself looking back on this day every decade or so with wonderful memories! A good photographer will capture each intimate moment so that you can look back on these moments and relive the intimacy. A good makeup artist will ensure you don’t look back at your appearance during these intimate moments and wonder, “What was I thinking?”.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. You want to remember this day as the day you said I do to your spouse, not the day you decided to wear neon yellow eyeliner and regretted it later.

Bridal makeup should be timeless! Your wedding day is not the time to experiment or flaunt the current makeup trend!

You want to look flawless, not cakey! You want to be highlighted, but not so much that you compete with the disco ball. You want definition but you don’t want to completely change they shape of your face with contour.

Neutral colours on the eyes are always best. You can’t go wrong with browns, subtle pink tones and champagne colours. In saying that, I have had brides in the past request green or a bold purple and really pull it off. But unless it is something you’re really confident with, I wouldn’t recommend it.

When consulting with my brides about what they want for their makeup on their big day, they almost always reply “I want to look like me, but better!” and this excites me!

Of course I will blur out that big pimple that decided to pop up on the biggest day of your life, but please don’t ask me to cover your freckles or moles. Your beauty marks are just that – beautiful. They are what make you you, and future you will most likely regret that you covered your beauty.

So if you’re asked how you want to look in photos that will last a lifetime, you reply “Timeless!”

Of course for your wedding needs be sure to visit Chloe at Radiant Attraction for flawless bridal makeup

and Michelle at Wildheart Imagery for stunning wedding photography.

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