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A guide to being the perfect guest to any wedding

Weddings are so exciting, especially when you are close with the bride and groom. Often guests want to go above and beyond for them on their big day but sometimes some of the things done with all of the love in the world can actually be totally stressful for the bride (and sometimes the groom hehe).

Townsville’s wedding season is now in full swing so I thought it would be a great time to chat about wedding etiquette and how to make sure the bride and groom look back on their day with fond memories.

So lets start at the beginning;

RSVP’s – This comes up for almost EVERY wedding! If the bride and groom have asked you to RSVP by a certain date, do so! If you are unsure due to work or flights be sure to contact the couple so that they are aware of what is happening.

As much as brides love to see all of their close friends and family members on their wedding day visiting while the bride is getting ready is actually VERY stressful. Unless you have been specifically asked or are required to be with the bride while she and her bridesmaids prepare it is best to wait until the ceremony to see her, or if you are just too excited send her a loved up text instead.

Arriving at the ceremony is a HUGE deal, it is often the first time that the groom and guests get to see the bride, her dress and just how amazing she looks. Hold yourself back from going to greet the bride when she arrives, she will have all night to chat with you and will be doing final preparations for her entrance.

PHONES OFF, or at minimum on silent.

During the ceremony a lot of guests want to snap a quick photo of the bride and groom, most want to make sure that the couple have every possible moment documented. Trust me the bride and groom have also thought about this, that is why they have likely hired a professional photographer. They wanted you at their ceremony to BE at their ceremony, not watching it through your phone. If you cant help yourself grab a quick photo when the bride reaches the groom at the alter but then pop your phone or camera away and be present at their special day.

Another important reason for not having your camera/phone/tablet out throughout the entire ceremony is because the professional photographer will likely end up with your device in their photos. Also if you are using a flash, or step into the isle to get that ‘must have photo’ you might inadvertently be ruining the photographer’s shot. Would you prefer to have a low quality iphone photo of your first kiss or a high resolution beautiful professional photograph?

Once the ceremony has finished you will finally have your chance to talk to the bride and groom. Be sure to keep this conversation brief as there will be lots of other guests wanting to do the same thing, you will have more chances to speak with them at the reception. Photographers also like to move into formal family & group shots fairly quickly after the conclusion of the ceremony before people begin to wander off and to ensure there is ample time for the bride & grooms location photographs.

Finally on the topic of photos unless asked it is always good etiquette to avoid posting photographs to social media until the bride and groom have had a chance to do so. If you are unsure just flick the bride and quick message or ask her at the reception.

Etiquette for the reception varies heavily from couple to couple however there are some easy rules to follow for most weddings;

  • Be sure to arrive and be seated on time
  • Keep speeches short and appropriate
  • Be sure to have a good time, couples often stress that people wont mingle or dance.
  • Don’t leave before the cake is cut
  • Never criticize the couples choice of decoration, food, venue or cultural traditions.
  • If you have dietary restrictions remember to tell the bride & groom with ample time to advise their caterer
  • Drink responsibly!

And MOST of all you have been invited because you are important to the bride and groom, enjoy yourself and have fun.


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